Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Plex Issues with some 1080p content

Back with the release of Plex 0.7.14, FFmpeg 0.5 was introduced. Its seems that this introduction of FFmpeg may be the reason for the current playback issues in Plex, mostly with 1080p content. After much prodding on the Plex forums the issue seems to have finally gotten some attention, strangely enough from an XBMC developer. (XBMC uses the same FFmpeg as Plex). You can read about it here:
Plex Shudders and drops Audio with some 1080p content
A support ticket was also created over at XBMC here: XBMC Support Ticket
Hopefully after the XBMC guys isolate the issue it will be reported to FFmpeg guys, and the fix will eventually trickle it's way down to Plex.

A little more history on this:
After updating from 0.7.13 to 0.7.14 I experienced skipping of video and dropping of audio, none of which happened under .13.
This issue has followed Plex in its latest .8.0 release aswell.

So for me I stay at 0.7.13 where my content plays more consistently.

Plex is my preferred application, but I may investigate XBMC a little more.

UPDATE 5.22.09
It seems we've been making some headway with the issue. Some time within the next day, Elan and the other Plex developers will be releasing 0.8.1. A reversion back to the earlier VC-1 decoder as well as some "special sauce" to speed things up in Plex.

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