Monday, March 30, 2009

Blu-Ray Ripping Tutorial

Once you have read Blu-ray Ripping What You'll Need you can use this step by step tutorial to rip your Blu-Rays.

1. Use AnyDVD HD to rip the BD. After inserting the BD into your Blu-ray drive AnyDVD HD will take a moment to strip off any copy protections enabling you to backup the BD to your HD. At this point you can go into the AnyDVD HD program folder and launch AnyDVD Ripper and rip the BD to HD.

2. Use BDinfo and and load the "playlist" folder located in the BDVM folder. This will give you the correct playlist to load into our next step with TSmuxer. Find the appropreate playlist and make note of it. I just open a note pad file and save in in the same place as the movie files. Now we can get out of Windows.

3. On the Mac launch TSMuxer and load the playlist. Uncheck all the stuff you dont need. Presentation graphics, extra audio tracks/languages and sometimes even the non HD version of the movie.
One thing to note: The primary audio track of most BD are DTS-HD or TrueHD, currently it is best to 'downconvert' these to reg. DTS or AC3. Now select the file type and destination, save as m2ts. the resulting file will be between 14gb and 30gb depending on the movie length and current encoding.

Play the movie in Plex or XBMC. (Mac Mini 1.83ghz would be my suggested minimum for playback)

Wanna make the file sizes smaller or easier to playback on weaker systems? You'll need to re-encode. check out the rest blog for encoding video with Handbrake.


  1. Is this the way to make a 1:1 copy of a blu-ray disc? I am a little unclear as to what the final result of this is? Can i use Toast Titanium to burn the disc and play it on my PS3? Thanks.

  2. Why not using MakeMKV it's one step process under OSX rip and create MKV file!