Monday, March 30, 2009

My Mac Mini 1.83GHZ Core 2 Duo Home Theater

In my new search for full 1080p playback I decided to purchase a Mac Mini for my new setup. I ended up with a 1.83ghz model with a core 2 duo.

 I decided to upgrade the ram to 4GB. This is a model 2,1 mac mini meaning it will see all 4GB but only use around 3,2gb of it. Unlike the earlier version of the 1.83ghz model 1,1 which would only see and use 2GB. I bought my ram from OWC, 4.0GB 2GB + 2GB set  I will post a video and links on how to open the Mac Mini up for upgrading the ram.

Hard Drive Storage:
The 5200 rmp 2.5" internal 80GB drive is not really the best for storing or even plying back 1080p video. As I already had a 1TB SATA hard drive from my recently dead PowerMac, I decided to pick an USB2.0/FW hard drive enclosure and put it in there. The NewerTech MiniStack was the enclosure I went with. Good reviews and seemed solidly built and functional. 

My Plasma TV:  
Is a Panasonic TH-42PZ80U and average 42" plasma TV and is mounted on my wall. Its a full 1080p HD TV with 3 HDMI ports (2 on back one on front)


  1. Hi, just wondering, does this 1.83 mac run 1080p mkv files ok?