Monday, March 30, 2009

Bluray Ripping On The Mac: What You'll Need

For bluray disc reading I purchased an SATA LG GGC-H20L Bluray HD drive and put it in an Vantec NST-530s2 external USB2.o enclosure.

For actual ripping of the Bluray disc I had no other choice than to install Windows XP on my MacBook Pro using Bootcamp. I purchased a copy of AnyDVD HD for the actual ripping and then use TSmuxer for getting the main feature into one full quality .m2ts file. TSmuxer runs on Windows and Mac OSX.

I also use BDinfo (Windows only app) to find the correct playlist on the bluray to load into TSmuxer.

Once done you get a full quality rip from the bluray.
File sizes can range from 16GB - 30GB depending on the movie length and encoding.

You can use the full quality m2ts file or re-encode the file to something a little smaller.

Will discuss bitrate and picture size in future post.

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